Pelikan Rollerball Pens

Pelikan Roller Pens are not your everyday ink pens. A pen is just a pen right? When buying a car would you say a car is just a car? Pretty wild comparison, but the good quality of a product can be bold in their statements. Believe it or not millions will spend money on pens that are not quality made. Why not go with quality and value? Why not look at a special brand like Pelikan Ink Pens? With the quality of Pelikan you will never look at pens the same again.

3 comments to Pelikan Rollerball Pens

  • Dick Stone

    I have need for 3 black and 3 blue refills. Infomation on the refill is “Pelikan Rollerball 338″ I see an “F” in a black band and then there is an “11″

    Please advise where I can purchase and what cost should be.

    Dick Stone

  • Jack Frost

    I have a Pelikan Mod.No. R397 No. 964999 roller pen with gold barrel and black resin top. Also the same pen with a silver barrel and black resin top.Both pens are new and I can’t find any information on them. Could someone tell me what they might be worth and are they silver & gold plate. On the box is R397 schwarz/gold 964999.
    Any help would be nice. Thank you, Jack Frost

  • Art Ansoorian

    I also need a dozen #338 rollerball refills. Are they even available?
    Please advise.

    Art Ansoorian

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